Jackalope Well-Being Center

Sepehr Mohseni
University of science and culture
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

It takes inspiration from the "central courtyard", a key part of old Persian buildings. This creates a peaceful space in the middle of a busy city.

Project description

The center has three courtyards that are connected to each other. They let in natural light and fresh air into all parts of the building. The walls are made of concrete, but they are covered in plants. This makes the building look less harsh and more natural.
The center is not very tall, so it fits in well with the surrounding buildings. People can easily come here to improve their health and enjoy a natural setting in the heart of the city.
The center is designed using "folding architecture". This is a new and innovative way of building. This project would be the first building in Iran to use this style. It will be a landmark for both its beauty and its usefulness.
The center will offer a variety of services to promote well-being, such as yoga and meditation classes, fitness areas, and counseling rooms.
The center will be open to everyone, regardless of age, income, or background.
The center will be built using sustainable materials and practices.
We believe that this center will be a valuable asset to the community. It will provide a place for people to come together, improve their health, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Technical information

The construction of building is made of precast concrete


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