KrongNo Volcanic Cave System Exploration Center

Hoai Dang Thi
University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh city
Viet Nam

Project idea

At Krong No, there are more than 100 volcanic caves due to the activity of Chu Bluk volcano, which erupted hundreds of millions of years ago. The topic focuses on the concept of "Population conservation", organizing works in the form of a population, including the Discovery Center located at the first point on the Chu Bluk volcano tour, gathering place and supporting tourism discovery and the landscape architectures located at the Chu Bluk volcano on the surrounding volcanic cave system.
There is no limit to the study of artifacts and experiences in architecture. The topic expands with the discovery and search for true values - Volcanic Cave System, because the core values of history lie in the surrounding context at Krong No.

Project description

Inside the Krong No Volcanic Cave System Discovery Center, I used indigenous materials and techniques, and designed the space for tourists to experience. I used the way of adjusting the light through the walls to create light accents, bringing the light through the light holes into the building with different angles. Feels like exploring volcanic caves.

After exploring in the work, Visitors will be tested for fitness, health care and support for trekking journey to explore volcanic caves. On the journey to explore volcanic caves, I organize a trekking route with landscape architectures, helping tourists to explore volcanic caves easily.

The landscape architecture with the rest stations is designed with the Krong No volcanic area, using lava stone and black wood to match the surrounding context, is a resting station for visitors.

Technical information

Architectural solutions: Using indigenous materials (volcanic rock, black wood) and local construction techniques, local architecture (Nhung Rong). Use energy solutions in the building.

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