La Pirámide

Diego Betancourt, Luz Lizarraga
ITESM, dep. of architecture

Project idea

The project takes place in Cuernavaca, Morelos, as a proposal for apartments whose purpose is to rest and get away from the city for a few days.

The project rises from the necessity of being a rest place where the users can get out of the city and could have a great holiday experience. The topography played an important role, that was the reason we considered a volumetry based on similar modules that can be replicated and adapted to the existing land.

Project description

One premise of the design process was to avoid towers and instead of that, adapt the volume to the shape of the land. In that way the site could be optimized and focused on the main views towards the south-west. It is important to know that the main orientation of the project involved a bioclimatic challenge, because Cuernavaca is characterized by being a zone with abundant solar incidence, high temperatures and humidity.

Based on the topography and the bioclimatic context of the site, staggered volumes are planted with a vertical and horizontal offset, which generate half levels, terraces and shade each other to protect themselves from the sun through overhangs which work as pergolas and extended concrete walls to provide privacy to each social area.

The geometry of the modules generates a massive volume as if it was a pyramid, referring to the ancient buildings of México.

In addition, an introspective façade at street level provides privacy, going unnoticed and adapting to its context (residential area), without knowing what awaits the user once getting in.

On the ground floor, a lobby and a 3 level parking floor receives the user. The vertical circulation consists of a “big column” divided by 3 different cores, each one connecting the central corridors with the different platforms.

There is only one type of apartment floor plan, in which a corridor connects private spaces with the public ones and the services are located among the bedrooms. Every apartment has an excellent social space, complemented with a terrace bringing views to the ravine.

The amenities are located strategically in the central part, where social events or similar can take place, turning it into a buffer and a transitory area that congregates and distributes the users.

Technical information

Finally for the technical solution it was proposed a system of beams, columns as well as a vertical circulation axis that functions as a structural support in the case of the apartments and the amenities area.
Apart from that, the lobby and parking lot works almost as an individual system, due to its support by steel trusses, which are attached to the land. However, what integrates this module to the entire system is the vertical circulation axis that gets inside it and the louvers as part of the back side facade creates a play of shadows as well as bringing continuity in the staggered pattern.

The main material used in the project is concrete with a warm subtone that creates a harmony among the colors of the site ground.


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