"Mawakher-مواخـــــــــر"- A Cruise Terminal in Dametta Egypt

Ahmed Kamel
Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University in Mansoura

Project idea

The project aims to create a state-of-the-art facility that caters to the growing demand for cruise travel and addresses the unique needs of both cruise operators and passengers. By integrating cutting-edge architectural design, sustainable practices, and advanced technologies, the project seeks to revolutionize the cruise experience while promoting economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Project description

-Architectural Design: The project involves the creation of an aesthetically pleasing and functional cruise terminal building. The design incorporates efficient space utilization, seamless passenger flow, and integration of modern amenities and facilities.
-Technology Integration: The project aims to leverage advanced technologies to enhance the passenger experience and optimize operational efficiency. This includes automated check-in systems, smart security measures, digital signage for information dissemination, and advanced communication and connectivity solutions.
-Environmental Sustainability: The project places a strong emphasis on incorporating sustainable practices. This involves implementing energy-efficient systems, utilizing renewable energy sources.
-Passenger Services and Amenities: The project includes the provision of passenger services and amenities to enhance the overall cruise experience. This includes dining options, retail spaces, entertainment facilities, recreational areas, lounges, and information centers.

Technical information

-The cruise terminal building designed to accommodate the expected passenger capacity and provide a comfortable and efficient experience.
The design adhere to local building codes, safety regulations, and accessibility guidelines.
The terminal designated areas for arrivals and departures, with clear signage and wayfinding systems.
-Berths and Docking Facilities:
a. The project include the construction of berths capable of accommodating cruise ships of varying sizes.
b. the Berths equipped with modern mooring and fendering systems to ensure safe and secure docking.
c. The project consider factors such as water depth, tidal variations, and vessel maneuvering requirements during berth design.
-Passenger Processing and Security:
Passenger flow designed to minimize congestion and optimize efficiency.
-Accessibility and Universal Design:
The terminal designed to ensure accessibility for passengers with disabilities, including wheelchair ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms.


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