Residential recreational bridge

Esra Saadi
University Of QOM
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Just as in the ancient architecture of Iran, prominent bridges such as Si-o-se-pol Bridge and Khajo Bridge of Isfahan were designed, and these spaces were not just a passageway, Shirez Bridge also benefits from this feature. This bridge is not just an ordinary bridge, but more than one! Its purpose is to combine life and nature by designing collective spaces and special perspectives.
Another noteworthy feature of this project is the accommodation spaces that are located in the heart of the rocks and have become a part of it. Like the village of Oramanat and masole, where the houses are in perfect harmony with nature and are located in the heart of the mountain in the form of steps on top of each other.
The rocks of Shirez Canyon have beautiful natural caves. In the past people used this space as a shelter and a place to live. In this project, the stunning stones of the valley are used in the interior design of residential areas.The main purpose of this design is creating a feeling of living in a modern caves!

Project description

The site of this project is located in Shirez Canyon,the border between Lorestan and Ilam provinces. This location has a unique nature and is one of the most prominent natural attractions with a rocky structure. Architecture compatible with nature without disturbing the beautiful and pristine environment of Shirez Canyon has always been one of the design concerns.

Technical information

The structure of this project is a space frame structure that is designed as a metal ring and the bridge is placed on it. Also, the structure of public and private spaces of the project is a metal structure that is placed inside the rocks of Shirez Canyon.
Circulation in project is such that people pass through different paths and these paths provide access to bridges that are designed on two different levels and people in every part of the space can see the pristine environment of Shirez Canyon.

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