Santiago Tadeo Abate, Bernardo Lopez Gonzalez
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Project idea

This project has been designed with quality look for a espacial, functional and constructive design, integrating visuals and functions.

Located in Tucuman, Argentina, on top of a mountain called “Médici” in front of a big lake called “Celestino Gelsi” place selected by very few architecture equipment, and the possibility of making a remarkable architecture icon, that mixes the chairlift from early ’70s to our building and also, transforming it into a cableway.

In order to that, we propose a finishing point for the cableway, a hotel, a museum of the history of the chairlift and how has worked through the years, a restaurant and visuals spots at critic places.

Finally, we propose the integration of the finishing point for the cableway with the mountain paths in a same architecture volume, key to the project, mixing every use to start the route in the building.

Project description

The project consists on a unique building for the arrival of the cablecar and the mountain paths dividing the building in two parts, the public and the private, the restaurant and museam and the hotel, mixing this functions over a contemplation patio where the vegetation of the mountain comes and meets at the entry of the hotel.

From the inicial sketches the idea always was to have building where nature and visuals spots meets by making cuts on the mountain and making a visual route. This building is ment to be discovered by walking, and to be a unique expirience, by cablecar or by mountain paths.

Technical information

This building is enterily designed in metalic structures, having the cableway to fulfill that porpuse, it's meant to make the less impact possible on the mountain and allow the vegetation to enter to the building.

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