Senior House Braník

Tomáš Gaál
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The subject of the thesis is the design of a complex of residential buildings with a caretaker service for seniors in the cadastral area of Prague - Braník. The mass composition is based on an urban study and the peripheral conditions of the site. The main idea of the design is to create a space that is suitable for the peaceful life of seniors with a wide range of leisure activities. The location provides a maximum possible connection with nature, which is also reflected in the design. The individual buildings are connected by connecting bridges, which enliven and facilitate the movement of residents. The layout is based on the demographic assumption of the age distribution of the population and takes into account the activity of seniors by offering standard residential units and at the same time allowing for stays in the nursing section with full care. The buildings also include common areas for residents and the general public, which increase the standard of living and provide opportunities for socialization.

Project description

The spatial arrangement of the buildings is based on the urban concept and site conditions. The development respects the natural character of the environment and creates new possibilities for utilization. A distinctive feature is the prominent facade, which reflects the undulating water nearby and perfectly blends into the green surroundings with its green color. In an currently neglected area, a design has been created that brings life, people, and new opportunities for the use of the location. The senior residence fits perfectly into this tranquil place, which is connected to nature and offers a wide range of leisure activities. The main function of the buildings is to provide quality housing for seniors. The complex consists of four buildings, three of which offer independent residential units in the form of 1+kk or 2+kk apartments, while one building serves as the main center of the entire complex. The services provided include a care facility with full assistance, a restaurant with a dining area open to the public, a day care center, communal spaces, a prayer room, a medical clinic, and a gymnasium.

Technical information

Complex of 4 buildings with a maximum of 3 above-ground floors and one underground floor. All buildings are constructed with ceramic blocks, the ceilings are made of prefabricated concrete panels, and the roofs are single-layer flat roofs. The structures are founded on a reinforced concrete foundation slab, and the underground spaces are designed as a white tank. External and internal terraces, walkways, and stair blocks are made of steel prefabricated structures.


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