Experience & Sports Center

Tomáš Vácha
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

"My wish is that you don't even know how you got there"
-Tomáš Vácha-

Valenta family are at the Square at the Branické ledárny for the first time. Suddenly Eduard sees a footboard. Where does it lead to? You can find it out. The rest of the family follows him. They find them overview. They see the harbor. They hear birds. They feel the wind. They look at the rocks. Eva leans on the railway and swallows the river current. She hears a crack. It leans over the edge. Sees rowers. She wants to show them to Eduard. She looks around. But he already goes to the shop with the children. She rushes after them. . .
They finally came out. They continue up the spiral. Children stick the faces on the glass board. "She practices yoga." Eva comments on the happenings in the hall. . . . They continue up. Where does it lead to? "You! Well! Wow! That's a view!" They comment on the highest point of the spiral. . . They go back. "It smells in here!" Ryan screams. The whole family enters the restaurant. . . They leave satisfied. But not up the stairs. They fit in glass boxes. They watch the harbor. They fall in free fall. They are already at the pier.

"Yay! A boat! Dad, mom, should we rental a boat too?" little Isabell calls.

Project description

The subject of my diploma thesis is to follow up on the pre-thesis design of the urban area in Prague 4 near Branické ledárny and to create a study proposal for a multifunctional building in the new created port. T h e m a i n p u r p o s e o f t h e building is sports use, but it also offers a shop with sports equipment and a restaurant with a bar.

The building closes the square at the Branické ledárny, which continues with its open character and view towards the port and further to the Barrandovské skály. F r o m t h e s o u t h s i d e, the object visually terminates the exit from the existing alley. Towards the new created port and the Vltava river , the building has a dominant effect with the symbolism of a lighthouse . T h e p r o p o s a l r e v e a l s t h e i m m e a s u r a b l e recreational & sports potential of the area and functionally supports the intended transformation of the Branické ledáren location from its current poor state.

This thesis contains the urban design of the location, architectural study, floor plan & section in detail of documentation for the building permit, detail of the roof, lintel, soffit & perimeter cladding, conceptual interior design in visualizations, HVAC solution scheme and basic static calculations .

Technical information

The Braník sports harbor is located in the extended bay near Branické ledárny in Prague 4. The main dominant feature of the port is the multi-purpose shipyard building, which serves as a connection between the public space of the square in front of the ice rinks and the harbor. Operationally, the object is divided into 2 parts. The more spatially significant part serves as the background of the rowing club. It is a four-storey multi-functional rowing club building. The single mass is operationally divided into two functional units. In the first underground floor, about 2 m above the average harbor level, there is boat storage and pedalo rental.

From ground level, the mass is operationally divided into the left - commercial part, where there are rentable spaces. From the 1st floor upwards - commercial unit, gym & exercise rooms, restaurant.

On the 1st above-ground floor of the right part, there is the facilities of the rowing club (reception, changing rooms, technical facilities, laundry, administration). On the 2nd floor there are changing rooms, fitness & wellness center. On the 3rd floor there are leisure spaces and a dormitory for athletes & coaches. On the roof terrace, the entire building is united again. There is a bar and several lookout points.

The main entrance to the building is via the footbridge from the square by Branické ledárny. Boat transport is possible via the ramp in the northern part of the building.

From a structural point of view, it is a steel frame with a span of 6 m, a steel connected ceiling and two stiffening concrete cores.


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