Multifunctional complex Praha, Lužiny

Tereza Martinovská, Alžběta Marsová, Valentýna Kalčíková, Martin Dvořák
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The assignment of the atelier was to design a complex that would serve the wider area and complement the missing amenities. This complex is located in the Prague 13 - stodůlky district. With the urban design, we wanted to follow up and complement the existing development of the Lužiny housing estate, but at the same time to differentiate ourselves from the monotony by creating organic shapes of the objects. We took into account views of the territory and pedestrian paths that pass through the territory. The resulting proposal consists of 4 objects - a congress center, a hotel, an aqua park + wellness and a multi-purpose sports hall.

Project description

The dominant feature of the project is the hotel. This building with 27 floors and 105 meters consists of not only accommodation, but also a shopping arcade or a restaurant on the top floor. To the west of the hotel is the congress center, which offers a large hall for 600 visitors, meeting rooms, conference rooms and a rooftop outdoor amphitheater. South of the hotel is located Aquapark and wellness, which allows visitors to relax in various saunas, whirlpools, relaxation pools, or during massages. Children will appreciate the toboggan, slides, or paddling pool in the main part of the building. Both of these objects are connected to the hotel by an overhead passage. The whole project ends with a multi-purpose sports hall, which offers a wide range of sports, including a multifunctional sports hall. The northern part of the building is surrounded by a forest park.

Technical information

The load-bearing constructions of all buildings are made of reinforced concrete. The load-bearing horizontal and vertical elements are complemented by glass, which forms the facade. Steel elements are used as shading elements on some buildings.


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