The Oort Cloud

Logine Sameh
Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University in Alexandria

Project idea

The Oort Cloud is an Astronomy Exhibition that promote for a new Egyptian Space Center.
Located at the Fair ground, New Alamin District, Egypt.

Project description

Concept: Design lines inspired by astronomical principles.
The design invokes the experience of orbital motion of the solar system, as it involves intricate choreography created by the unique gravitational attraction caused by several bodies in the solar system.
as shown by the lines , the circulation and the rounded walls of the form create a dynamic vibe allowing my visitors to have a full experience of the outer space.

The main idea of the Exhibition is the "Space Trip" as it starts after the Main Entrance and the reception desk. Starting with the Planetarium that narrate everything about the outer Space, then the Screens/ info display. and ending the tour with booths for the sponsors.

Technical information

Exhibition Area: 400 meter square
Structure: Steel Structure
Materials used: Steel Truss - Glass fiber sheets - coated in Holography

Software used:
3DMax 2020, Vray5 , Photoshop

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