Olesea Sparivak
Бендерский политехнический филиал государственного образовательного учреждения «Приднестровский государственный университет им. Т.Г. Шевченко»

Project idea

The conceptual solution of the project of a sports and recreational tourist base for 150 people involves the creation of a sports and recreational environment for people involved in rowing and just an active healthy lifestyle, and is also intended for rehabilitation.

Project description

The base was designed in the Dubossary district on a flat area near the river. Dniester. This site is located at a distance of about 500m from the village. Dzerzhinsky, and from the highway - about 750m. On the territory, open parking lots are designed for both cars and trucks, recreation areas, playgrounds, sports and economic zones, landscaping and design of the base itself and the facility for boathouses are also provided.
The concept of an architectural and planning solution is to organize blocks for various purposes into a single complex. The building is designed as an amorphous shape with rounded corners. The main blocks of the camp site are residential, medical and sports. The project also provides for administrative, recreational premises and a dining room. Engineering and technical premises are located on the ground floor. Vertical communication is carried out by ladders and lifts.

Technical information

Structural system: in the medical block - mixed, in the residential - frameless, in the remaining blocks - frame. The foundation is deep, reinforced concrete pile. As elements of overlapping and covering in the block of administration, public catering and medicine, a monolithic beam reinforced concrete floor slab with a thickness of 200 mm along crossbars with dimensions of 400x400 mm with monolithic sections is taken. In the residential block, the floor and roof are reinforced concrete monolithic; in the sports block, in addition to the floor, reinforced concrete trusses are provided, on which the floor slabs rest. The roof is flat, partially exploited.
The architectural appearance of the camp site is presented in the form of smooth elements. The plinth and walls of the facades, as a base, are plastered in white. The structure of the shell is made of metal and lined with panels of glass-fibre reinforced polyesters of various geometries.


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