The Wilderness Retreat

Qian Wang
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
United States of America

Project idea

The wilderness of retreat hotel is to re-invent transitional housing and create expandable systems that allow one or two kids to join the single parent previously homeless or incarcerated residing in these transitional houses.
The site locates at West 18th Street, New York, which belongs to Chelsea community. It is a very inclusive community with many people from different cultures living here.
This Hotel aims to create rooms that offer a unique and immersive experience that transports guests to a peaceful and transformative environment.
The hotel's design is inspired by a “tent” which incorporates elements reminiscent of a warm experience around a campfire. Drawing inspiration from nature and minimalist design principles, the room offers a calming and meditative atmosphere to encourage self-reflection and introspection.

Project description

Each functional area of the building is designed to allow people to experience the feeling of camping in the wilderness and thus achieve the effect of relaxation. The lobby on the first floor of the building is open to the public, which is an indoor rock climbing park where people climb upwards, exercising their bodies and strengthening their willpower.
The vitality center runs from the second to the seventh floor of the building. It has a grand staircase wrapped around a tree trunk that generates electricity through users’ footsteps. This kinetic energy is used to light up a facade, and the more steps people take, the brighter it illuminates, attracting visitors to enter the center.
On the top floor of the building is a library with a view of the main street. This library is also an open classroom for the children living in the building to receive more education and care. The top floor is also designed with a skylight, so when you look up at night and see the starry sky, it's like sitting on a lawn in the countryside, and all your worries are gone.

Technical information

The design emphasizes sustainability with eco-friendly materials and features, such as energy-efficient lighting and non-toxic furnishings. It is outfitted with natural materials, such as wood and canvas, to create a rustic and organic feel.
The building is designed with a rainwater collection system, ensuring the conservation of precious resources and minimizing its environmental impact. The roof is sloped to direct water into the scuppers, which directing the water into a storage container or rain barrel. Two scuppers are mounted on either side of the roof of each house. Collected rainwater can be used to flush toilets and irrigate plants.

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