Urban Design and Landscape


Manuhe Mengistu

Project idea

The project idea is inspired by the Ethiopian culture and their desire for social interaction among their community members. The streets in Ethiopia are creating a barrier between the people who live in the same neighborhood and affecting their sense of belonging and solidarity. The project proposes to create a space for interaction that can foster a stronger community bond and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia. The project will enhance the existing cultural programs that are interactive and meaningful, such as the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, which is a ritual of hospitality and friendship; Eder, which is a communal saving system; Ekub, which is a rotating credit association; wedding and funeral ceremony, which are occasions of joy and sorrow shared by the community; and the site character, which reflects the natural and built environment of Ethiopia.

Project description

The high line design responsive to community needs ,as a generalist program and Ethiopian culture ,Are flexible depending on what the particular issues and needs are at a local community level.provide a safe and accessible space for other visiting services and programs who out-reach from larger cities.

The high line provide a safe, trusting and welcoming space for people who are socially isolated, vulnerable and in need of support where there are no criteria.
also provide a space where people can learn, participate and contribute and this has a sense of belonging and improved well-being
This can provide the opportunity for skill development and volunteering/work experience that may lead to employment outcomes. Community Centers provide a place for a diversity of people to connect with their neighbors.
The aim of this project is to design an inclusive and self-sufficient environment for community.
The project also aims to bridge the gap between the different mixed income community visitors by providing spaces for interaction.
To create a space for interaction, a dialogue needs to be initiated between the various user groups.
This can be achieved depending on the findings of the research providing functions which cater to a large spectrum of users, i.e., Cultural facilities, interactive spaces, food courts, space for kids like playgrounds etc

Technical information

The design would transform the ground floor by relocating the cars to an underground level and using the available space to connect the separated community and create an active and vibrant environment with various programs such as outdoor gym, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities. The first floor would offer a calm and refreshing space with different programs that foster the community’s interaction with greenery and nature. The area would also feature smooth walkways and water bodies that enhance the aesthetic and environmental quality of the space and create a welcoming and familiar feeling for the residents and visitors. Additionally, there would be a hall to accommodate the community’s cultural activities and events. The structure would employ a waffle structure with V-shaped columns to support the highline and provide stability and strength.

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