The Metaverse Edutainment Center

Sergejs Kopils
RISEBA University Faculty of Architecture and Design

Project idea

The Metaverse Edutainment Center: artificial intelligence assisted design methodology for virtual educational space.

The thesis presents a study on the application of AI-assisted conceptual design in the field of metaverse space making. The study found that digitalization of education is closely related to the application of immersive technologies and the Metaverse virtual environment. The research conducted analyzed the program and functions of existing educational facilities and reviewed educational space-making principles to inform the design of virtual educational spaces in the Metaverse. The research evaluated the functionality, advantages, disadvantages and effectiveness of AI-assisted design methods in the metaverse design process, specifically Midjourney and DALL E 2. The study provides an overall review of the AI-assisted design method and its potential for use in metaverse space making, indicating areas for further research to explore potential benefits and applications in other fields and industries.

Project description

The Metaverse Edutainment Center is a physical university located in the district of the Zunda Channel in Riga, Latvia. This innovative center is located between Riseba H2O6 and RTU, providing convenient access to both institutions.As the gateway to the Education Mile and the world of metaverse education, the Metaverse Edutainment Center offers a unique blend of physical and virtual experiences to students and professionals from around the world. The center is home to a university specializing in education and technology , where expert teachers employ virtual reality (VR) to impart knowledge to a student body fully immersed within the metaverse. This cutting-edge academic environment provides a rich and unparalleled experience for those seeking to deepen their understanding of technology and its role in shaping the future.

Technical information

Address: District of the Zunda Channel in Riga, Latvia
Function: Education and Entertainment
Plot area: 0,1205 km2
Education and entertainment center: 1205 m2

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