Interior Design

Flower Library

Hsiang-Ting Huang
School of Visual Arts | New York NY
United States of America

Project idea

A library where people can learn and absorb knowledge with happiness while exposing to a healthy and safe environment that spreads positivity.

Project Brief:
A virus, we are now painfully aware, is a parasitic piece of genetic material that attaches to a host cell for replication due to the coronavirus pandemic that happened back in 2020. They are not considered living things in themselves, as they have no cells, metabolism, or energy production and require a host to reproduce. This project is designed as the “virus” which is attached to and lives off of an existing building. And is responding to the post pandemic by providing a hybrid series of indoor and outdoor spaces while maintaining good air quality and ventilation.

Design Intention:
Living the post pandemic era, we realized how important it is that well designed interior ventilation could impact an interior space. This library is designed to serve as a safe and healthy public space for the neighbors to work, play, learn, and gather during the age of the virus.

Design Concept:
“Flower”is a symbol of positivity that spreads positive energy to the surrounding people and environments. Especially an “Orchid”which has various different kinds of shapes and colors. The main characteristic is that it has a mouth shape in the middle which seems like it is able to absorb negative energy in and spread happiness out to the surrounding.

Project description

First Floor- Group Discussion Rooms
Provides spaces for having meetings and discussion purposes.

Second and Third Floor- Indoor Library
The individual circle study seatings are 6 feet apart, not only provides a calm and quiet environment for the users but also a healthy learning space.
Surrounding Environment Effect- Quiet and Calm

Fourth Floor- Indoor Cafe
An indoor cafe that provides people a space to read, relax, chat and eat.
Surrounding Environment Effect- People having conversations and laughters while reading and learning.

Fifth Floor- Outdoor Garden
An outdoor resting place to provide the users to stay, rest ,and chat. An environment contain the breeze from the Hudson River and the natural sunlight throughout the day.
Surrounding Environment Effect- Traffic sound, Breeze, Cool, Natural Sunlight

Technical information

This project is designed as the “virus” which is attached to and lives off of an existing building.

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