Thout Universe In Giza

Waleed Hesham
Shorouk Academy

Project idea

Thout University in Giza
the main idea is to Meet The Past With The Future in a Modern way.
Main axis and 4 perpendicular axis, and keep the natural ventilation a main empact on the project with narrow buildings to penetrate sunlight in every room of the buildings.

Project description

(Architecture Engineering department)
Design Final Year

project info :
01- location: Giza (Egypt)
02- Project Type: Educational (University)
03- Date: (07-2023)

Technical information

Building Types:
(MPU - Admin - Lecture Complex - Library - faculty of Architecture Engineering - Faculty Of Applied Arts - Archaeology Faculty - historical research center - Student accommodation - Sports Activities Building - Food Court )
with 7 Gates (2 main gates)


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