Primary school

Anastasia Skorokhodova
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The main idea of ​ ​ the project was to create an elementary school for 240 students. The object is a three-story building with a courtyard.

Project description

On the first floor of the school there are dressing rooms, a dining room, a sports area with a swimming pool and a sports hall, as well as classrooms. The second floor is a training and administrative block. On the third floor there are classes for creativity, as well as an inner garden. The main hall of the school is illuminated by a large light lamp with a second light. The entire project provides a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility, ramps are located to the school from all sides.
The school is not only a place for study, but also for recreation, creativity. It's a place where kids feel safe.
The plot plan of the site for the design of the center has been solved taking into account all the necessary conditions and restrictions imposed on the selected type of objects. The primary school has convenient pedestrian and transport accessibility. Green spaces and recreation benches are organized throughout the site. Also on the territory is a sports stadium, a local vegetable garden and a playground.

Technical information

The structural solution of the project is structural walls made of brick. The main materials for the object were brick, plaster and glass. The main feature of the school is its spacious courtyard, which harmoniously fits into this territory. The inside of the school is made of glass, which allows you to make the corridors always bright. The side of the facade is represented by a light canopy on the colonnade.

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