organic farming in austria

Daniel Schlosser
Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart

Project idea

The organic farm is positioned in Lower Austria and is surrounded by nature. The terrain slopes down on north side and creates a wide view into the landscape. Hill is on south side. So the goal is to connect the two conditions. View and Sun.
First, there is a storey into the hillside for agricultural use. It follows the terrain of hill.
Over the storey there is a terrace. Between the terrace and the hill, there are three residential buildings that connect them. Between residential buildings there are areas with a view into the valley and sun from behind.

Project description

The farm is in the middle of the field to get enough sun in winter.
A way from the south leads to a little place in front of the farm store. From there, a lot of other roads connect the whole building. There are three residential buildings. One of them is the farmhouse for farmer and family. It is the biggest of them and has also a store and an common room. On first floor, there is living, cocking and eating. A stair in the atrium leads to the second floor with children rooms and sleeping room. The other two buildings are for vacation guests. Two apartments per house. It also has an inner connection between hill and terrace. Terrace connects them all and is free to play. You can eat there, grill there, play games, it is for gardening or also to have pets. With a view into valley and sunshine. It is also possible to go down to the hill storey to meet sheeps.

Technical information

To merge the building into nature, goal is to use natural materials. So agricultural storey will be built with clay. Advantage for storage room for wine and fruits is that it is always cool down there and no energy is necessary to store it, because of clay. Residential building is a wooden construction with straw insulation. It is completely biodegradable. Building will generate its energy from solar power and with a compost heater, so it is independent from other sources, which is necessary inthe middle of nature.
It will generate an individual and memorable place in Lower Austria.

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