Train Station

Valbona Canoviq, Dafina Ceka, Vlera Buçaj
University for Business and Technology - UBT

Project idea

This project aims to construct a modern and innovative train station, creating a beautiful and functional building that meets the needs of travelers and the wider community.

The main goals and objectives of the project are:
Improve public transportation and urban connections to provide a sustainable and efficient alternative for travelers.
Create an attractive and functional environment for passengers, including waiting areas, shops, cafes, and comfortable spaces for relaxation.
Utilize the latest technology and sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact and contribute to environmental preservation.
Integrate urban design with the local landscape and develop green spaces to create an appealing and serene environment.
Ensure the safety and security of passengers and station personnel by employing advanced technology and meticulous attention to safety details.
This Train Station project aims to create a unique building that serves as a reference point for the community, improving transportation infrastructure in Podgorica and addressing the daily needs of travelers.

Project description

Project Concept:
The proposed project is the construction of a train station called Podgorica Train Station. This station aims to be more than just a simple arrival point but rather a comprehensive transportation center that offers an improved travel experience for passengers. The architecture and design of the station will harmonize with the urban environment and positively impact the landscape of the area.

Train Station Description:
Podgorica Train Station will be a modern building with spacious and attractive design elements. It will include a train terminal with comfortable and secure platforms for train arrivals and departures. The remaining part of the station will encompass dedicated spaces for various services, such as passenger exchange areas, waiting zones, shops, restaurants, and other areas for commercial and social activities.

Project Context:
The strategic location of Podgorica Train Station in the city center and its proximity to important urban centers make this project one of the most significant for the development of transportation and fast connections in the region. With the growing population and the need for safe and efficient transportation, a new train station is required to meet these demands and improve the existing transportation infrastructure.

Technical information

The construction of the building is made of steel, while other materials used for the construction of this station are aluminum and low-emissivity glass.

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