Interior Design


Vladislav Chuprynin, Bezrodina Maria
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of the interior project was to create a harmonious living environment for the life of a large family in the city.
The apartment has an area of 71.1 square meters. It was necessary to combine modern requirements for apartments, natural materials and convenience.

Project description

Husband and wife are middle-aged, the husband's main job is playing on the stock exchange (around the clock);
wife is a budget worker, enjoys growing flowers; spouses are very hospitable;
The daughter and her husband are students, lead an active lifestyle, love evening parties, often invite friends to visit.
From the requirements:
It is necessary to design 3 workstations with computers, for the father - with isolation due to round-the-clock work.

Technical information

Basically, natural materials are used in the interior both in furniture and in wall decoration. Wooden slats, metal, glass and tiles are used throughout.

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