ECHOES OF REPLENISHMENT: Breathing new life into the Padma Bridge Construction Yard through Museums of Expression.

Fahim Ashab Faroquee
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology

Project idea

The thesis topic explores the transformative journey of turning the abandoned Padma Bridge construction yard into the Padma River-Life Museum and the Padma Bridge Museum's rebirth as a thriving cultural centre. The main idea is the adaptive reuse of the current bridge fabrication shed, giving the unused area new life and infusing it with a rich story about the vitality of the Padma River and the engineering marvel of the Padma Bridge.

Project description

The plan calls for transforming the fabrication shed into a museum complex that honours the Padma River's dynamic environment and pays tribute to the importance of the Padma Bridge. The adaptive reuse approach respects the existing structure while utilising its industrial features to repurpose it as a compelling backdrop for the exhibitions and galleries of the museums.
The Padma River-Life Museum uses interactive exhibits, aquariums, and immersive installations to fully immerse visitors in the natural marvels of the river and highlight its rich flora and fauna. The museum also features fascinating boat exhibits that include a variety of modern and vintage riverboats.
Adjacent to it, the Padma Bridge Museum explores the engineering features and the cultural significance of the bridge. By combining research facilities, a library, and a cultural theatre, the project creates a multi-dimensional experience within the museum complex, encouraging exploration, learning, and cultural immersion.
The design seamlessly blends the site's industrial heritage with contemporary architectural elements, creating a visually captivating experience that embraces the past while embracing sustainability through adaptive reuse.

Technical information

Site Location : Former Padma Bridge Construction Yard, Kumarbhog, Near Mawa Ferry Terminal , Munshiganj , Dhaka (23.466259, 90.281521)
Site Area : The site area selected for the establishment is on the construction site of Mawa end which is 21.4 Acre and the area of Padma Bridge Span Fabrication Shed is 6.01 Acre.

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