Monumental Centre

Alejandro Cárdenas
ITESM, dep. of architecture

Project idea

The project was born with the purpose of revitalizing the old and monumental bullring in Monterrey, Mexico, transforming it into a versatile space dedicated to equestrian shows. The idea emerged by questioning the traditional conception of entertainment venues, which are usually private and exclusively used during performances. The creation of a space that would remain open all day and become an integral part of the city, much like a park, was proposed. In this way, the proposal seeks to challenge the boundaries between the public and the private, inviting the community to embrace an infrastructure that would typically be considered a barrier.

Project description

Regarding the spatial distribution of the block, the project has been divided into three zones that range from the most public to the most private. In the first interval, we find a linear park that is complemented by slopes, creating large community spaces. From this point, ramps have been designed to highlight the entrances to the new plaza, immersing us and encapsulating the private experience of the events. From here, the second interval is connected through the "fan zone," located beneath the slopes of the park, allowing the ground floor of the venue to be dedicated to the linear park while maintaining a clear separation between the public and the private without creating a barrier for pedestrians.

The third interval corresponds to the performance spaces, which are divided into an equestrian center, a bullfighting memorial that culminates with the stables, and a second charro arena. The latter is conceived as a sunken park that can be used for smaller-scale equestrian events but transforms into a park with slopes for everyday use by the community, while also functioning as a water absorption system during the rainy season.

As for the bullfighting memorial, an introspective volume has been created to immerse visitors in immersive experiences of the bullfighting tradition in Monterrey. It features rooms for 360-degree projections and both itinerant and permanent exhibitions.

Technical information

In terms of the technical solution of the project, two types of structures have been developed to compose the entire complex. The first one is the structure that supports the main venue, which has been conceived based on a curved gesture generated by the slopes. This design intention aims to create tunnels in the linear park and give the structure a dynamic and stylish form, with curves emerging from the ground.

Regarding the stables, a fasciculated wooden structure with a radial distribution has been conceived. This structure is articulated through rigid frames connected by wooden beams.

Finally, the memorial consists of a system of star-shaped beams that support the large perimeter walls, generating the atrium. These walls protrude over the vestibule and redirect their loads towards a central column.

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