Urban Design and Landscape

An open theatre : A multi-purpose social nook to create neighborhoods

shahzeb amjad baig
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Project idea

Theatrical experiences are a good way of studying societal problems and attempts in finding solutions, as well as a way for society to introspect itself. Commercial Media and art industry in Pakistan has disconnected the present urban society, which has shown decline to the theatre and theatre connection with the society, lacking the interest in the main stream theatre and the quality of theatre in Pakistan.
City can be seen as a stage of collective expression, even the architecture of it is a language of its culture and people. Unfortunately, architecture of Karachi seems to have been born in a vacuum,
unrelated to its surroundings. Buildings are related to their neighborhoods, their regions. Theater is one such building typology that, even when stand- alone, represents the region through its form and art that thrive in it.
Despite the metropolis being so diverse, a diaspora of people from multiple ethnic backgrounds,
the theater spaces of the city are bounded not connected with the common men. Nazimabad
being one such neighborhood lacks the sense of theater, its reality and its importance. To create awareness; design must have transparency to attract the passerby and the watcher in the neighborhood. The project at hand is intended to do just that. Similar to the city, an intimate nook is proposed in a lively neighborhood of Nazimabad; this alcove works primarily as an open theater, celebrating the cultural diversity through art and performances while having the capability to work as a baithak, a social nook for the neighbors or sometimes even a campaign

Project description

project consists of three main areas, Kutub bazaar, space where local community gathers to buy books and settle down for tea ,discussing issues and and life. Indoor theatre space is one pat which basically consist of a temporary structure which would allow community and theatre artists to come together and allow the artist to portray their art and aware over societal problems. Reforms space is the last and one major which would allow nearby colleges and political activities to come together to provide students to participate and understand the issues of a society and its progression.

Technical information

the architecture is basically consist of scaffolding mainly ,temporary structure will be built with scaffolding ,either it is indoor theatre of tea shops for local hawkers .this would allow rapid dismantling and multi-purpose spaces.

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