Alhaceeb City

Adham Alabsi
International University of Technology Twintech

Project idea

The first sustainable city to adopt a modern interpretation of traditional style without compromising the beauty of the heritage area.

Project description

The project aims to provide affordable housing for low-income families in the northeastern areas of Zabid city. The project will consist of three zones, D4, D5, and D6, each with specific requirements. The project will be designed to blend in with the historical significance and distinct architectural character of the region.

The project will also help alleviate the population density in the old city of Zabid by providing alternative housing options for residents. This will help preserve the beauty and heritage of the historical region by reducing the construction of random homes.

The location of the project was chosen based on recommendations from the General Authority for the Preservation of Historic Buildings. The northeastern site was identified as an area for future expansion due to its potential for development.

Overall, this project will provide much-needed housing options for low-income families while preserving the historical significance and architectural character of Zabid city.

Technical information

The location was chosen because it provided an opportunity to apply all the parameters stipulated by the authority for the region.

Additionally, the project has great importance in several aspects, including economic, cultural, and historical. The site can accommodate 10,000 people living in 560 houses in an area of 30 hectares.

The project included the three main foundations of a sustainable city: environmental, economic, and society. Each item was treated with high accuracy in the new city.

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