Music School for Visually Impaired @ Gampaha, Sri Lanka.

Azna Ramanayake
University of Moratuwa (UoM), Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Moratuwa
Sri Lanka

Project idea

This project is theoretically a music learning institute mainly concerned on the education of performing arts as an intellectual strength for visually impaired students and professionals in Sri Lanka.

Project description

The scheme includes learning oriented spaces like specific classrooms for vocal and instrument practices, discussion areas, other supporting functions and utilities and a convertible auditorium as a formal performing stage and a multi - purpose hall. Along with the built space, the landscape includes an open air theatre and experiential walkway through the site edge, connecting the neighborhood with the premises.

Technical information

Due to the strict requirements on circulation and spatial navigation, the layout includes only a ground floor with different volumetric spaces. The central anechoic shelter is the sound passage with different timbred chimes as the medium for spatial recognition. The passage itself invites people to the connected modules which contains related functional spaces, with the help of vibration differences created by tone chimes.


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