Contribution to the development of tourism in the Central African Republic: proposal for a tourist complex in Pama

Térence Télord BANGA
Ecole Africaine des Métiers d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme (EAMAU) a Lomé (Togo)
Central African Republic

Project idea

This work is carried out within the framework of obtaining the degree of Master II in Architecture at the African School of Architecture and Urban Planning (EAMAU). This study focuses on the development of the tourist potential of the Central African Republic. It is part of a context of preserving the eco-potentialities of the river and the tourist assets that abound in the Pama region in general in the 7th district of Bangui more precisely in Ouango on the road to M'boko village, and it is concludes with the proposal for a tourist complex in Pama. A main question carried our reflection : that of knowing : what appropriate equipment could contribute to the development of tourist potential in the Central Afriacan Republic ? The answer to this question led to the analysis of existing project in Africa and around the world in terms of development and taking into account the contextual nature of proposal in order to bring out a project that meets the tourist, cultural and social needs, from the city. The toursit complex which is a set of several buildings or facilities intended for discharges for recreation at entertainment into the Afriacn cultural context has allowed us to experiment in the project whith flexibility and modernity which avoids freezing or mystifying coastal cultural practices by allowing a perpetual mixing. The architecture of our complex is based on the concepts of biomimicry and sustainability. The use of several inspirational elements in the conceptual approach reflects a rich and diverse local culture. Our research approach makes it possible to build a complex that stages a framework for community, cultural and sporting encounters, tourist visits and that creates a cultural link for social cohesion, the promotion of values and sustainability. The tourist complex project thus prposed is a brand image of regional attractiveness and the promotion of the Central Afriacan economy.

Project description

Like other in the equatorial zone, the CAR can reasonably build a development strategy integrating the enhancement of its tourism potential. Tourism in this country has as an essential asset the abundance and variety of natural resources able to allow it to move toward ecotourism. Indeed, the latter contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity and the preservation of cultural heritage within the framework of a sustainable tourism, an essential element in the fight against poverty for present generation and future, through the promotion of income-generating activities in the artisanal and commercial.
The Central African Republic (CAR) is a country with significant potential economic to enhance its level of development. With a growth rate economic real GDP 4.8% in 2021, this country has oriented its development strategy by the operationalization of the government's vision contained in the National plan of recovery and peace building for the period 2017-2021 and especially in the political peace and reconcialation agreement of 6 february 2019. The dynamism of the economic activities of this country can only be possible with the assistance of efficient sectors of its economy. In all countries of the world it is recognized that arts, culture and tourism have positive impacts on the level of economic and social development. Tourism, for example, being part of the tertiary sector is a activity that effectively contributes to weath formation and the achievement of sustainable development goals including SDG 8 and SDG 12.
The hotel and restaurant service, for example, generated 34 in 2020, 690 billion Fcfa, or 4.68% of the burt domestic product real during the same period according to the Institute Central African Statistics and Economic and Social Studies (ICASEES).

Technical information

. A building with positive energy: with a total surface of installation of photovoltaic panels of 15.000m2, we estimate the production of 1.730mwh.
. A mixed structure ( steel, concrete etct) ensures stability and ligntness to the project.
. A dynamic facade ETFE regulates the energy and contributes to maintain the temperature around 20 degrees.
. Biomimicry has also led us the explore innovative, simple and zero energy solutions to produce resources such as fresh water, a resource that becoming increasingly scarce due to saline intrusion.

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