Redevelopment of hare port in maharshtra

Yogesh Thopate
Savitribai Phule Pune University

Project idea

The harne port is big fish market in maharashtra and the harne has historical apperance but lack of costal development of infrastructure in that region so i have deside to select the location of my 5 th year thesis project in this region and redevelope the costal infrastructure with my design solution .

Project description

This project is consist of harne port development in which i have selected a 13 acre side in this region and develop this side with surrounding needs .they are harne has historical appearance and in the sea there area small iland of fort. there for i have create a ferry wharf terminal to for tourist interaction . and in the other zone i have design fish market for the fish transportation and and auctioning and fish sell area provided . and create costal side restaurent with sunset view and in the sea create a statue and a small museum .

Technical information

the material pallet is used for this project cemet concrete ,ferrocement,gfrc, wood ,bamboo .


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