Interior Design

Home office-library

Daria Kupriyanova
Saratov State Technical University named after Yu. A. Gagarin
Russian Federation

Project idea

Many booklovers dream of a convenient place to read. This hobby requires a special atmosphere and privacy. You can achieve this in your own office-library.
The main idea of the interior is a game of contrasts. Blue walls and orange details, dark periphery and light center. All this contributes to distraction from the outside world and a better immersion in the world of the book.

Project description

The office is a room with an area of 10,6*7,2 meters. The room is divided into 3 zones: for reading, working and book storage. One of the walls consists of classic dark wood windows.
The reading area is located in the center of the room. There are armchairs and a sofa for leisure or family meetings.
The work area is a table mounted between bookshelves and an orange chair. There is also a living wall of green vines.

Technical information

The main light source is a false window and several lamps. There is an LED strip above the windows.

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