The Giant

Jovan Bajić, Isidora Ratajac, Teodora Jokšić, Dajana Stegić
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia

Project idea

The idea of this project was to test the limits of contemporary spa centre with additional program and enhancing all human senses when entered the building.

Project description

Since the spa center is a very complex program, this object is created as a contrast of complexity and simplicity. Complexity in terms of program, simplicity in terms of form. The program of the spa center is already defined by itself, but the accompanying program is what makes it unique, in addition to the utilitarian functions, the main "attraction" is the sculptural staircase that leads to the observation deck. The form of the object itself is quite simple, it consists of two intersecting prisms so that they create a feeling of tension for the observer. At first glance, the building looks monumental due to its shape. A special detail of the building is its fenestration, which is positioned in such a way that at certain times of the day it injects light into the stairwell through colored filters on the windows and thus creates an event in that space.

Technical information

The construction is made from concrete with three supporting beams under the main console


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