Emigration Museum

Marina Kazbanova
RUDN University
Russian Federation

Project idea

Every year more and more people go to live abroad. The situation has been particularly tense lately. The task of my project is to raise the issue of emigration and show that this process has long been unnatural.
The project artificially combines the stories of emigrants. The focus and mass nature of stories effectively affects the viewer. The focus of stories is a panel, which is located in an ordinary residential area.

Project description

Each step of the viewer and the architectural element in the museum is associated with a certain stage of emigration or the feeling that arises during it. The first thing a person encounters is the “façade” of the problem. The theme is familiar, seemingly understandable and often encountered - exactly the same as the image of the panel seems to us. The abundance of stairs is a metaphor for the ways a person can go. Glass cubes - as if apartments are in ice - a metaphor for a stopped life and its fragility. They are "suspended" on thin columns and seem to be about to fall and break. The apotheosis of ephemeral translucent chaos - a concrete slab hanging over the visitors - a symbol of the imminently approaching decision. With every step she gets closer, bigger and chokes more and more. On the other side of the plate - a symbol of freedom - there is an open-air observation deck on it.

Technical information

The design of the building completely repeats the design of the panel house. Inside are glass cubes that rest on columns.

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