National Museum of Antiquities and History

Hashem Jamal Alakhali
Queen Arwa University

Project idea

The Yemeni civilization is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and what most distinguishes it is the archaeological inscriptions and sculptures, which are of various types, the most prominent of which are the inscriptions that used the Musnad script or the Himyarite script (an ancient writing system that developed in Yemen close to The ninth century BC was the writing system used in the Arabian Peninsula It took a long time until I derived from it the Jazm line, from which the Arabic alphabet was derived, as I took the first letters of the project name (National Museum of History and Antiquities) and converted them to the letters of the Musnad line, and the shape was manipulated to suit the function of the project.

Project description

It is a national museum of Yemeni history and antiquities. The project aims to collect Yemeni antiquities and everything related to history in the distant, recent and present past in one place to preserve them and facilitate the process of studying, analyzing and presenting them to visitors.
The project consists of three main sections: the Museum Display Section, the Studies and Research Section, and the Maintenance, Restoration and Stores Section.

Technical information

The three-dimensional electronic display method was used in the permanent exhibition halls, so that the original antiquities are safely stored in the basement, and heat, moisture and fire insulators were used to maintain the integrity of the antiquities.


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