Exotarium - Australian Pavilion, aviaries for parrots, Zoo Brno, Czech Republic

Jiljí Kučera
FAST VUT - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Department of Architecture
Czech Republic

Project idea

The idea of the pavilion project at Brno Zoo is to create an architectural study that brings an innovative and aesthetically impressive solution for this exhibition space on the theme of dry and tropical Australia and New Guinea. The basic idea is to create a pleasant and spacious environment for animals, visitors and staff.

Project description

The material arrangement of the Exotarium is based on a sensitive integration into the surrounding environment, while being in line with the urban context and taking into account the context of the site. The main volume of the pavilion is divided into a lower and upper section, creating an impressive visual contrast. The lower block with stone cladding harmoniously references the original building line, while the upper block with profiled sheet metal adds lightness and a modern expression.

The public spaces are carefully designed to offer visitors a pleasant and comfortable environment. On the ground floor of the pavilion are aviaries, which are fully lit by skylights, and displays showcasing the environment of Australia and Waterworld. The interiors are cleverly designed to give visitors the feeling of being in an authentic environment of the site. Another significant feature is the staircase area, which provides an elegant link between the pavilion floors and the plaza.

The overall appearance of the pavilion is well thought out and respects the character and atmosphere of Brno Zoo. The wooden cladding and steel columns in the square contribute to a warmer and more welcoming environment. The project creates a new and modern space for visitors while honouring traditional elements of architecture and urban design.

Technical information

The perimeter masonry of the attic building was preserved. Ceramic masonry with a width of 450 mm will be used for the new vertical perimeter structure. Ceramic masonry of 150 and 100 mm thickness will be used for the partitions. The horizontal structures will consist of a 250mm thick reinforced concrete ceiling. The internal staircase is cantilevered reinforced concrete. The roof structure will be placed on the reinforced concrete ceiling. The aviary structure will be placed on the foundation strip or on reinforced concrete footings.


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