Interior Design

Social Housing For The Third Gender

Syed Shabbar Raza
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Project idea

In Pakistan, words like "Khwajasara" or "Khwajasara" are used to describe people whose gender identity differs from their sex, and whose mental perspective contradicts their physical reality.
They consider their soul as a gift inside the incorrect body and they use their dress, behavior, and mannerisms to stay in the gender that feels proper for them. They can't live a normal life
like others and they don't have as many opportunities as different people get in our society. Their living conditions are determined by their financial capabilities. Some people live in community homes (deras) with their caretakers (gurus), some in groups, and others live alone.
There are no specific spaces that could enable the communal living of these people. They are charged with large sums to live in unbearable conditions and environments. Small spaces and large gatherings make it more difficult to live. The same is the case with community homes
(deras), where space is limited and the number of transgenders is increasing.
This research analyzes how architecture could contribute its role in solving these issues. This study will explore the design possibilities for a space that will give them a sense of security and ownership also by providing them with a home that they can call their own.

Project description

This research aims to understand the spatial needs of the Khwajasara community of Pakistan and explore gender-inclusive spaces that line with the community needs. The analysis will help in creating a safe and secure living environment in consideration of their living and earning patterns. To address their living conditions by incorporating their skills and expertise to uplift their economy and thrive towards a self-sustaining community.

Technical information

The Module is made up of Concrtete. Consist of Screen walls, Wind Catcher and Interior is based on the personality of the user.

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