RAMPANCY——Based on nature and growth

qing zhang, fanghui yao

Project idea

The trend of old campus and inappropriate planning are gradually making the supposedly vibrant campus gradually go negative. We will focus on exploring the reasons for the decline of campus vitality and actively seek countermeasures to reawaken the campus vitality. This proposal creates a building that integrates library function, green function and public activity function, innovates and thinks about the building form, function and flow line, and actively dialogues with the site. It is a library building, it is also a park, and in the future it will become the most popular space for students to study and play.
The building upholds the concept of green development and adopts planting roofing and wood trim hanging strips, in which the building is dissolved and hidden in nature.
Around the four main buildings, we have designed a crescent-shaped atrium. After breaking a part of the undulating slope, the light can enter the interior and the core reading area can be naturally lit. The building functions are arranged according to four building blocks, which are responsible for the four functions of catering, office, book lending and reading, and service, which are clear and convenient; at the same time, the height difference between the undulating slope and the ground is used to set outdoor steps in the atrium to form a new outdoor activity space. The internal flow of the building follows the circular arrangement of the circular building volume, which is equally simple and enhances the efficiency of work.

Project description

The site is located within the university campus, with a base area of 7,125 square meters. Due to the fact that the campus has been built for a long time and improper planning, there are problems in the scale of roads, activity space and green space within the campus. The focus of this proposal is to alleviate these problems and create a building that combines library function, green function and public activity function to reawaken the campus with new vitality.
The building consists of a curved roof and four separate buildings. The undulation of the roof is determined by the relationship of the site. The south and north sides of the base are the main traffic arteries, where the roof is raised to form an entrance; the west side of the base is too dense with buildings and small scale roads, where a gentle slope is set to form a buffer zone with the buildings and roads; the northeast side of the base is a landscape area, where a gentle slope is set to extend the green vein. The four main buildings rise up from the ground and break through the undulating roofs, as if growing out of them. The undulating roof not only handles the relationship between the site and the surrounding buildings well, but its lively and dynamic shape contrasts with the surrounding straight fluted buildings, injecting a different landscape vitality to the area.

Technical information

The building is a cladding building, focusing on the roof structure, using the general roof cladding structure to ensure the waterproof and thermal insulation effect. The facade of the building is glass curtain wall.

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