Aden international Airport

Amna Muhammad
Sanaa University

Project idea

Aden international airport
Main concept is calculations and integral
the project's concept was taken from "smith" charts because airports are main lines of transportation around the world, transmission lines are measured by "smith's" charts, so lines look like those airports as world transportation lines, so I took "smith's" chart which is based on overlapping circles from different center but the same tangent point

Airports are the starting point to set off to the world, so I identified the airport as the center and the circles as the world, where each center point and each line in the project set off from this center and end at the border of the circle which is resembled as the world

Project description

This project provides an important solution to the congestion in old airport of Aden, which is located at town down, causing overcrowding and noise in the city.
Therefore, this airport will be a new airport for the Aden away from the high population density, which will facilitate movement to and from it

Technical information

This project has an environmental solution, as the roof openings are sideways, allowing light to pass through from the sides, because the climate of Aden has humidity and high temperature
It is sustainable building because it provides solar panels ,water proofing and sustainable material


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