place of contemplation: meditation rooms

Liza Asamoah
Technical University of Berlin (TUB), Faculty VI Planning – Building – Environment, Berlin, Germany

Project idea

The idea of this project is the inspiration to have a new place for people to meet so they can meditate in a group or alone. The building should be a place of contemplation where people have enough space and room for meditation.
Meditation has a calming, relaxing and stress-reducing effect. Therefore, it also promotes higher performance.
Equally, meditation helps to keep inner peace that can benefit emotional well-being and overall health. And these goals are to be achieved with the meditation rooms.

Place of the building: Berlin, Germany

Project description

The building is created for a group of four people. In addition, the building consists of four private rooms and one common room.
In the five meditation rooms, different types of meditation can be freely and individually chosen and practiced.

Technical information

The construction of the buildung is made of wood.
Walls/material: solid wood walls
Roof: flat roof glass panels

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