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Project idea

Based on the current urbanization process and the background of population aging, the construction of intelligent communities suitable for the survival of the elderly has received increasing attention, the implementation of the national strategy to actively respond to population aging, the development of pension undertakings and pension industry, the optimization of services for the elderly, and the realization of basic pension services for all elderly people. The construction of an aging community should not only conform to the living habits of the elderly to provide convenience for their lives, but also meet the intelligent needs of the current community construction.
First of all, in the early stage, we will summarize and analyze the existing problems of the current elderly care community, formulate corresponding solutions, and investigate and analyze the characteristics of domestic or foreign elderly care communities with complete facilities, so as to achieve "learning from each other's strengths" and "adjusting measures to local conditions" as far as possible, and achieve landing development according to local characteristics.
Provide convalescent services such as on-site medical treatment, acupuncture and moxibustion, psychological consultation, rehabilitation promotion, hospice care, etc; Such as access control service, housekeeping service, property maintenance, garbage removal and other life services; Such as public restaurants, cultural festivals, food festivals and other commercial entertainment services; Such as opera, gardening, calligraphy and other leisure activities; Such as university for the elderly, health lectures, reading and other cultural and educational services; Such as property management, organizing activities, coordinating disputes and other autonomous management services.
Rely on the intelligent platform to build a social pension community, promote multiple efficient coordination and organic connection, meet the multi-level and personalized needs of the elderly, and provide convenient conditions for actively responding to the aging of the population.

Project description

(1) Timely know and deal with the safety, accidents and sudden diseases at home and abroad
(2) Lack of "invisible company" when children are not around
(3) Unable to effectively meet the spiritual and cultural needs, social needs and value needs of the elderly
(4) Unable to timely monitor and master the health status of the elderly at home

Technical information

Infrared carbon dioxide detector (online)
Model: MOT500-CO2-IR Product Description: MOT500 online infrared carbon dioxide detector is applicable to the detection of carbon dioxide concentration in various environments. It adopts the imported NDIR infrared absorption gas sensor and microcontroller technology, with fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability.
Online UV-Vis detector
The online ultraviolet detector is based on Lambert-Beer law, the relationship between the intensity of the absorption of the measured material to a certain wavelength of light and the concentration of the absorbing material and the thickness of the liquid layer. The detector is equipped with a miniature optical fiber spectrometer, a pulse xenon lamp light source, and the miniature spectrometer controls the operation of the pulse xenon lamp through the IO control terminal. The ultraviolet visible spectrum emitted by the light source is irradiated on the measured sample through the lens or optical fiber, After being absorbed or reflected by the measured sample, it is coupled to the slit at the entrance of the micro spectrometer through a lens or optical fiber, enters the micro spectrometer, and is received by a linear array CCD after being split by a grating.


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