Creative Hub - gap building

Zuzana Lacková
VUTBR - Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

Project idea

The goal of the design of the alley building on Radlinského Street is to create a space for students and working residents of the area, which will allow them to work harmoniously during the working day or weekend in a common coworking space with opportunities for relaxation or joint exhibitions of various types for the wider public. A space where they can calmly work on joint projects with different people and the possibility to present their proposals and work results right on the spot. To bring to the neighborhood new opportunities and spaces for studying, but also work for students or meeting after work at an art exhibition. The height of the building is adapted to neighboring buildings with 5 above-ground floors and a walkable roof. Especially with the design of the industrial interior, the proposal slightly refers to the history of the area and the former factory that was located in these spaces in the past.

Project description

The building is designed as a coworking center with the additional functions of a cafe and exhibition spaces with 5 above-ground floors. The underground floor consists of warehouses and technical facilities of the building and the cafe. On the ground floor of the building, there are entrance areas with a reception and waiting room and the aforementioned cafe with an outdoor terrace. On the 2nd floor there are exhibition spaces with hygiene for visitors. These premises are in the part near Radlinského street open to the 3rd above-ground floor through a gallery. The management office, a large meeting room and coworking spaces are located on this floor. The 4th above-ground floor consists of workplaces with sliding curtains to ensure privacy and workplaces that can be separated from the space by variable all-glass partitions. Such places are also located on the 5th above-ground floor, where the proposal also considers relaxation areas and a kitchen. The top floor consists of a walkable roof with storage and a seating area with views of the surroundings and the inner block.

Technical information

The structural system of the building is wall-framed with perimeter walls. In neighboring buildings, the wall thickness is 300 mm, together with 50 mm thermal insulation. The external facades are made of masonry with insulation with a common thickness of 450 mm and added fiber cement cladding. The structural part is complemented by a supporting vertical core with a two-arm mounted staircase made of wood and metal. The foundation of the building is a 650 mm thick base plate with added piles due to the neighboring underground parking lots. In the building, the combination of wood and metal with soft, clean materials of natural colors is most often found. The facade of the building consists of a combination of light and darker fiber cement cladding. The window and door frames are in anthracite color both on the facade and inside the building.

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