Family weekend housing

Zuzana Lacková
VUTBR - Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

Project idea

The goal for the design of the family house was to create a sufficiently spacious, simple and comfortable weekend residence with the possibility of recreation and relaxation either on the own property or near the house. The neighborhood is made up of friends and distant family, so it is more or less a family environment, where there is no emphasis on privacy and the separation of plots and gardens by fences or other visual elements. The house is a combination of modern and natural, which completes the effect of harmony with the modern landscape and nature. It is a combination of reconstruction and new construction, therefore traditional as well as modern materials are used. The material is derived from the typical rural architecture of the given area and partly also from its original expression. The family house is designed for a family of 4 with 2 children and their other family members. The basis for the design was the requirements, needs and preferences of the residents of the house combined with the application of architectural principles.

Project description

The family house is located in a sloping terrain in a loose development on the slopes. The material solution fits into the natural location and the proximity of the forest. The house is designed as a separate building with 2 above-ground floors and an underground floor, which, however, is not located under the entire building. The total built-up area of ​​the building is 151.2 m2. The floor area of ​​the upper floors is 224.49 m2 (terrace 87.51 m2) and the underground floor is 91.02 m2 terrace 50.65 m2. From the northern side, there is access to the property via a forest road with the possibility of parking the car under a covered outdoor shelter on the southern side of the property. The floor plan of the house is designed as a longitudinal mass with an accent in the form of a protruding terrace, which points its tip to the south and is located on the 1st floor. Access to the underground floor is solved from the exterior from a modified slope and an outdoor terrace intended for storing wood. There is a warehouse for household goods, tools, a workshop that can be divided into 2 spaces and a wine cellar with seating. The entrance to the 1st floor and the main part of the building is from the NE side. In the vestibule there is a storage space with the possibility of putting away coats and shoes. On the right side at the entrance, there is a double staircase, which is the main communication to the night area of ​​the house on the 2nd floor. It is lit by a skylight in the roof structure. The first above-ground floor consists of a night zone in the northern part of the layout with a bedroom, bathroom and toilet. The second part of this floor consists of a living area with a kitchen, a dining area and a living room with access to the terrace. This part of the house is open over 2 floors with a gallery and glazed from almost the entire south side. The second night zone of the house is located on the 2nd floor. By the staircase there is a separate toilet, a bathroom with a shower and a corridor with a library and a sitting area, which is in the middle of the open gallery to the 1st floor. In this part, there is a second bedroom, and on the north side of the layout is the largest room with 5 beds and atypical built-in beds with storage spaces and space for work.

Technical information

Mainly load-bearing masonry and original stone are used as building materials. As part of the renewal and reconstruction of the underground floor, 600 and 1000 mm thick stone masonry is used for the supporting system. As the supporting material of the construction of the above-ground floors, supporting masonry with thermal insulation in a total thickness of 500 mm is used. Heluz family 25 masonry - sanded 250 mm thick is used for the internal load-bearing walls, and Heluz 14 masonry 140 mm thick or plasterboard lightweight partitions are used for partitions. The staircase is constructed as a two-arm plank made of wooden material. The gable roof of the part of the house with a slope of 30° is sufficiently insulated using the dark gray rukki classic d steel covering. The facade of the above-ground part of the house is solved by plastering and painting it white. The southern facade is lined with oak cladding, and the northern one has stone cladding as a reference to the original building material of the house's construction, which can be found on the facade of the underground part of the building. The terrace is lined with wooden terrace boards in the shades of the wooden cladding of the southern facade of the family house.

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