Architecture Department

Amaan Khalid
University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies

Project idea

Architecture is a field in which you learn through interaction and observation. The project idea was to create a space with maximum interaction and creates a journey for its users. The given site was next to the Visual Studies department at the University of Karachi which was designed by Michel Ecochard.

Project description

This project is designed by following the basic principles which were introduced by Michel Ecochard. There are three main zones into which the department is divided.
1. Studio zone.
2. Multipurpose hall, libraries, Girl's common room, Cafeteria
3. Seminar Room, Lecture halls, Administration block, Faculty block

Studios have a permeable wall in front of it and the cantilevered roof over it allows the sunlight to pass through the walls in the winter and block the harsh sunlight in the summer days.

Studios have an outdoor space behind them where students can interact with each other and learn through sharing their ideas.

The multipurpose hall has an indoor space that is connected with an outdoor amphitheater space, the indoor space can be used for different purposes and can be used for juries.

Girl's common room is located beneath the libraries and an introverted space is created keeping in mind privacy.

There's a ramp that starts from the left and leads towards the seminar hall creating a forceful journey for its users.

The faculty block is placed right opposite to studios creating a dialogue between teachers and students.

The whole project is designed in a way that the individual roofs are transformed into steps creating an interactive space for the whole department. This roof garden is the hierarchy of the design and can be used as a large student lounge.

Technical information

The main construction materials are stone walls and concrete. Stone walls are orientated perpendicular to sunlight. Considering the harsh and hot climate of Karachi, Pakistan's stone walls against sunlight work the best.
The use of Soliel Brise is the main focus of the facade. Solar projections are created that don't allow any harsh solar radiation into space.

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