Interior Design


Wenqing Duan

Project idea

What will happen when the gentle Jiangnan of China meets the cold mechanical style? Department of human and natural integration of mechanical Jiangnan garment concept store. The disassembly of Jiangnan impression can be divided into humanity and nature. Nature, gentle hills, murmuring water, standing pale bamboo; Culture is a bamboo raft floating on the water, a landscape painting of Jiangnan in a suitable shade on the inked rice paper, and a beautiful woman in Jiangnan behind a screen... This is called South, implicit and beautiful. This design makes a different interpretation of Jiangnan, which is as tender as water. It combines Jiangnan with a sense of future and machinery, interprets the concept of national style of Jiangnan, and integrates it into a commercial space like a garment store.

Project description

Bamboo, water, hills, screen, ramie, bamboo raft, these are "Jiangnan impression", their connotation is implicit, mild, hazy. Very interesting, Jiangnan is the perfect combination of man and nature. This design has a different interpretation and application of Jiangnan. It is worth mentioning that the whole space uses white, white is one of the modern colors in modern design, and in Chinese culture it is easy to remind people of white rice paper, Chinese painting blank, Jiangnan Misty rain and so on, it is modern, but also retro, it is cold, can also be mild.

Technical information

The design focuses on the central display rack device. In order to meet the changing demand of clothing exhibition season, the display rack is designed into a free form that can be assembled with bamboo joints and parts. In addition, the form of the general display frame originates from the bamboo raft in the south of the Yangtze River.

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