Hotel Transilvania

Marinescu Stefania, Yuri Mamero, Ana Maria Giura
University of Alicante, Department of Architectural Constructions, Alicante

Project idea

Our project is based on the idea of taking advantage of the landscape of the site. This way we ended up with a radial module, which can be used to create an aggregation with a polar grid, the same type of grid on the project's site.
The modules have a simple geometry, that varies in degrees from one module to another and which creates a diverse aggregation.
Depending on the length and degree of opening, each cell can host from 1 to 5-6 guests. the module's construction is based on wood, the base structure being created by wood slabs and beams that are cladded in wood concrete.
The circulations are common, made with the help of vertical modules that are dedicated to stairs, the modules are connected to an exterior belt that connects the apartments.

Project description

Our scope was to create a space that does not have a big impact on the nature around it, taking this into consideration we thought about ways to avoid changing the landscape. For these reasons we decided not to create underground parking but rather to try and keep the pollution and noise of cars away from our hotel and the residential area surrounding it, giving the visitors a more relaxed holiday and a break from noise and pollution. How did we do this? We decided to organize a shuttle service that would ensure easy transfer between the hotel and the parking lot.
Another way to maintain our purpose was through active energy which is made with the help of cover panels that also have solar panels that collect energy.
Also, the functional plan is created in a way to take advantage of the space, therefore in the smaller part of the cell, there is a hallway and a bathroom, then comes the bedroom and the living room that has an opening towards the landscape.
In conclusion, this hotel is created so that people who will be hosted in the apartments can enjoy the stay and the landscape while saving energy.

Technical information

The Cell Technology
The Modules are divided into 5 different shapes and fit together on a circular grid. The construction of the cells allows for the interior to have different functions and be adaptable for future changes of use as all parts are connected via screw connections. It is therefore easy to disassemble if the usage of the spaces changes. Especially for the public part of the Hotel, this is a valuable quality.
In the off-site factory, the cell is constructed of a lightweight timber
structure composed of beams and studs as well as cross bracing. This
makes the modules a rigid independent structure, even in larger sizes.
Via ship the modules of one whole floor at a time are transported to the site where they are easily assembled by a mobile crane.
Then Joiners have the simple job of connecting the structural parts of the individual cells and sealing the protective and finishing layers.


ZONE 3, hotel and carpark

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