Private Villa(s)

Alen Vejselovski
AFS - Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of Architecture

Project idea

Our main approach and vision is the repetition of the elements, we recognized the meaning of the task and made our idea from it. The orientation and scope of the main attraction is well read in the project, using the internal space to the maximum, we form a functional and minimal but a space for the 21st century.
The concept of the villas can be used for all possible approaches and required number of rooms and this is in coherence with our approach of repeatability.

Project description

The villa is composed of two modules of everyday living space, and repeating modules of bedrooms using the same structure aka cores.
The connection between the bedrooms and the living space is cold but dry, through a covered porch with wooden pergolas which hold glass through the whole lenght, it serves to moderate the rays of the sun. And in front of the porch is the area for swiming pool and sunbathing.
As noteworthy elements we would mention the two-row kitchen with a glazed atrium, as well as the glazed bathtub, above which there is a vertical opening along the whole line of the villas.

Technical information

Our concept has possibilty to be built out of different construction methods.
We chose it to be in a precast concrete, it gives us the vibe of minimalism.
The presence of glass, wood, water is in excellent coherence with the main material concrete.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas


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