Urban Design and Landscape


Rudolf Schwarzl, Anna Borkowska, Alex Capener
Universidad de Alicante

Project idea

The IDEA is upcycling old boats. Clean, modify, switch, update and assemble them. The idea of the shape origins in sea associated elements. First there were the “sea balls” washed up by the sea. (Sea balls clean the see from plastic particles and it would be nice using them for the isolation of the boats) So the concept with the boats crossed my mind; boats that are no longer used or needed or will no longer be permitted for environmentally harmful reasons. We also clean the sea by washing the ships ashore and reusing them in other ways.

Project description

• For the GEOMETRY we use old boats that are not used any longer. One cell is built out of 2 boats. One for the base and the other one flipped over it upside down for the roof. Together it looks like a Cocoon and builds one cell.
• Every cell has 2 FUNCIONS. 1/3 of the cell is for the support area (bathroom, entrance, storage space)2/3 of the cell are for the main area (kitchen, bedroom, living or work room)
• The CONSTRUCTION depends on which boats you get. We decide to use old wooden boats. They main construction is a strong skeleton of wooden ribs.
The cells are placed in the square of 14/14m and build a combination of more cells. The different slopes of the place and the development of the cells do not allow all directions. It is as well possible to rotate a cell around the edges of the squares.
The big villa is built out of 3 cells in a U-form and 2 joined hanging boxes between. The box between is connected with the villa with extendable elements.

Technical information

The FUNCTIONAL PLAN follows different aggregations of housing using different cell modules that follow the shape of the slope.
ACTIVE ENERGY with solar panels facing the sun and creating shade at the same time. Water energy from the movement of the sea. Collecting water with the roof store in tanks.
MATERIALS used are as much as possible upcycled and local. Wood, steel, glass, stone.


ZONE 5, private one storey villas

ZONE 0, urbanism


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