Mina Emad
Shorouk Academy

Project idea

our proposal offers exceptional amenities, premium architectural designs, and a truly unique lifestyle. It offers its residents a life like no other defined by comfort, privacy and peace of mind , The overall design takes into consideration every aspect of nature . It features amazing wide green spaces and water features, bringing you healthy outdoor-inspired living with style. Its mainly for those whose looking for peaceful suburban life with smartly-designed homes.

Project description

we have three types of unites, first one is contains three rooms, (one master and two other besrooms ), The second type contains four rooms, (two master rooms and two other besrooms ), the third type contains five rooms, (two master rooms and three other besrooms). Each type has two designs one with back entrance and other with front entrance ,also each unit includes living room with a magical view of Infinity Pool, toilet ,open kitchen and dinning space and parking , all the units have the sea view and each unit is totally isolated from the other which makes a vibe mixed of privacy and relaxation.

Technical information

The units is considered as pre fabricated smart and modular from concrete as its connected to pills in site .Also Solar systems and sustainability functionalities are taken into consideration by using smart interactive louvers in almost all the units .


ZONE 5, private one storey villas

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