Croatia Hotel Design

Candice Lesbre
Tamalpais high school
United States of America

Project idea

The idea of my hotel is to bring people together in a welcoming environment.

Project description

I designed my hotel to have three buildings. All three are placed around the main pool. The main building contains the reception/ lobby, breakfast room (with kitchen), event room and conference room. It is located over an underground parking garage. The other two buildings contain the rest of the rooms and suites. There are eighty two rooms total. Part of the rooms have a king bed, bathroom with bathtub and walk-in shower, closet, and balcony. The other suites can either have two king beds or a king bed and living room area with couch. Both of these suite options have a walk-in closet, bathroom with bathtub and walk-in shower, and a balcony. All the rooms face the sea and have a sea view and pool view. Near the pool is the two story restaurant. The top floor is on the same level as the main pool and the three buildings, it is open air and has a wooden structure for shade. Beneath it is the indoor portion of the restaurant which can be accessed by stairs either inside or outside the restaurant. The kitchen is located on the bottom floor and there are food elevators to bring the dishes to the upper level. Near the main pool on the same level as the outdoor restaurant, there is a bar. Beneath the bar, on the same level as the indoor restaurant there is a spa and gym building. In front of the lower level of the restaurant and spa/gym building, there is a lawn with a two tiered pool. On the left side of the second pool when facing the sea, there is a trail that leads to tennis courts. On the right side there is another trail that leads to the kid’s playground. I chose for all the buildings of my hotel to have vertical wood siding, in a light oak wood. This feature makes my hotel blend in with the surroundings, and it gives it a simple, modern and timeless feel. Wood accents are also sprinkled throughout my hotel design. Like in the rooms and suites for example. The entirety of my hotel is surrounded by vegetation and plants and there is a lot of landscaping that blends in with my hotel design.

Technical information

The outside of my buildings is covered with vertical wood siding.


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