The Wave Center

Adissa Hajdari, Alma Sylejmani, Besjana Ramadani
University of Prishtina

Project idea

The idea of this project is to have a center while including the nature in it as much as we can. The main thing that we wanted to look after was respecting the beautiful nature, inspiring from it and building something that would be a part of it without interrupting the horizontal view.
Concept: The inspiration came also from the location, after seeing the nature of Starigrad and its seaside, we took “the wave” as our first idea, and than translated it into a form. The form will adapt to the terrain also would alow us to look after the seaview and use it into the maximum, so every client would feel the magic view of Starigrad and its adriatic sea.
We also wanted to insert public green spaces all over, while making an urban context that would go after green architecture.

Project description

This project is developed in two levels, with hybrid function. Entrances are from both levels which makes the object to be intertwined with nature, terrain and easy accessible for everyone. On the ground floor the main areas include: the welcoming area, shopping areas, restaurants, economic spaces (including kitchen and storages). The below level includes: administrative offices, shopping stores and restaurants with sea view making them more attractive to tourists. Also the free standing building is developed in only one level with entrances from the roof and it contains offices and reception for booking.

Technical information

The building has a framed structure made of reinforced concrete and concrete massive slabs. The object consists of columns with dimensions 30x30, beams with a height of 30 cm.The object has two cores that affect the stability of the building. There are two vertical communications, located in very clear places for visitors. All the materials used in the building are tried to be friendly with nature. The facade of the building is a structural facade made of glass to offer a pleasant view and to allow the maximum entry of light. The type of glass is supposed to be glass that allows maximum light but prevents heat. Glass facade design represents one of the most innovative forms of structural facades. Glass-glass connections with invisible fittings give the glass structure an airy and light and are an ideal design option when the architectural goal is maximum transparency and minimal design. The final result is a frameless and almost invisible facade, without the use of steel or concrete elements, designed to resist wind load and seismic forces and to provide protection from the weather.


ZONE 4, commercial centre

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