Urban Design and Landscape


Lukáš Mottl, Jan Vařečka
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The aim of the design was to create a modern and sustainable recreational resort concept for the 21st century. It was essential for us to create a project unique to this place, to Croatia. We were inspired by the unique atmosphere of typical Croatian villages and tried to transfer it into our design.  We are creating a diverse place where users will love to spend their time regardless of the season, age or life situation. A place that will enchant everyone, where everyone will love to come back for its unmistakable atmosphere.

Project description

Our project addresses the urban concept of the whole resort and brings a different way of solution. The main ideas of the proposal include the creation of a centre with a condensed development along the natural strait and thus also creating a main access axis to the sea surface. The development of the resort consists mainly of accommodation facilities, which make up 70% of the built-up area. These include apartments (dense development), detached villas, hotels, camping and apartment buildings. The remaining 30% of the built-up area consists mainly of amenities such as sports centres, shops, parking houses, offices and others. The resort's facilities provide users with a wide range of activities, designed to allow year-round use of the area at almost any hour, regardless of the weather and for all users. In the resort, we looked in detail at Zone 4 (commercial centre), which is conceived in an unconventional way and consists of a shopping street with lots of small shops. Then zone 6 (marina) and zone 7 (coast).

Technical information

One of the main tasks was to design a marina that lies at the end of our main communication axis from the upper square to the Adriatic Sea. The shape of the marina is remotely based on the current local situation, where there is a small natural bay. The marina has a diamond shape with two rounded corners. Although the sea is very calm in the area, there is some possible danger of strong winds from the west side, so we have designed a corresponding pier to protect the marina. At the end of the pier, there is an observation point which allows a wonderful view of the main axis passing through the resort. The marina has a capacity of up to thirty smaller boats, there are five smaller piers designed to anchor them. At the first access point from the main pedestrian walkway we come across the residence stairs from where there is a view and access to the water surface. The entire marina is lined with promenades with adjacent houses with restaurants, front gardens shops and other amenities. The marina is further complemented by small green areas with trees and the necessary furnishings.

One of the main ideas of the design is to create a condensed centre in a natural trough and thus also to create a main access axis to the sea surface. In the centre, uniquely varied spaces are created, full of small squares and romantic nooks and crannies. The pedestrian road weaves between the houses and is complemented by a series of shortcuts with staircases, creating a varied and distinctive space. The pedestrian road leads from the sea to the highest dominant point of the relief on which, according to tradition, there is a chapel with a square. The whole route of roads with squares also presents the character of a shopping street with concentrated shops restaurants and services. The main square is located at the beginning of our center, the road from the hotel that closes the axis of our resort. The square is complemented by small architecture with greenery and the necessary shading boards.

Two types of beaches are designed in the resort to meet the needs of all visitors. The first type, the so-called sports beach, is more open, slightly sloping and more spacious, designed also for sports recreation. The active beach is complemented by a beach volleyball court, an outdoor bouldering wall, a workout area and a children's playground. A partial contrast can be found in the so-called romantic beach with a different character. This beach contains many small corners and small architecture of small piers. The beaches are shorter more private and enclosed. All beaches are lined by a promenade route related to the brick points of interest at the edges of the resort, to the aforementioned beach bar or, on the other side, to a small square with a hotel and a restaurant. The promenade is partly protected by a small tree line and low green vegetation. Both beaches have their necessary facilities, either on the ground floor of the adjacent houses or in the areas adjacent to the retaining walls of the sports ground and the beach bar.


ZONE 4, commercial centre

ZONE 6, marina

ZONE 7, coastal zone

ZONE 0, urbanism

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