The Miris Hive

Sara Samadi Ardebili, Farid Gharibi Nia , Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ehsan Reza
cyprus international university

Project idea

As time has passed, people's lives have changed with mechanization, and it has caused a decrease in intimacy and fading of emotions and feelings and physical relationships among people.
In this project, it has been tried to create a space for more interaction and increase the sense of intimacy and the least interference in nature to build and the most harmony and friendship with the environment. Therefore, Modular buildings that can be changed according to the slope of the land and topography have been used. Also,by modernizing the climatic elements of the past architecture, such as windcatcher and windows that can change the amount of light and air received, it has been used to save energy. And also with the facilities and features that are considered in the design of this zone, many expectations and needs of people are provided in it and they will feel satisfied and pleasant to be and live in it in all age and intellectual groups.

Project description

Part of the concept of this project is inspired by villages such as Masuleh and Kandovan and villages like these that follow the stepped architecture. In this project, the floors are directly connected to each other and basically the roof of the lower floor is the courtyard of the upper floor, and like the mentioned villages, the apartments have direct access to each other. that Inspire from rural life and intimate communities while being modern. So Solving the difference in height in the topography of the site with the help of the modular architecture of the building has caused the shape and form of the land to be preserved in the same natural state as much as possible, and the difference in height in the part connecting the building to the ground is also a place for rest and gathering people by using stepped forms. Also the modularity of the buildings provides the chance for the buildings to increase or decrease according to the topographic slope, Or, according to the position of the sun's rays or the border area allowed for the construction of zone 2, they should be built further or further back, and also the form of the structure creates the opportunity to use prefabricated structures for the construction of these buildings. So, being modular has created empty spaces so that both air circulation flows in the building and an opportunity to create a green space for the residents of the building so that this green space can play the role of a yard, lobby or gathering space to people, especially children and the elderly, do not need to getting away from their residence to use the green space. For saving the natural energy, in the highest part of the building, there is a windcatcher, one side of which is a shade in the center of which is a tree, and the tree is surrounded by a small pond, the water of the pond flows from inside the windcatcher to its lowest part. The air moving from this side into the windcatcher will be cooler and more pleasant due to the presence of the mentioned items. At the same time, this ventilator also has the use of a patio, in addition to the air flow, it also directs the light to the center of the apartment, i.e. the places that do not have windows. The noteworthy point is that in the transmission part of the air and light flow into the apartments, each unit has openings that can be individually limited or blocked in the way of light or air and sound, or even maximize privacy. In addition, on the left and right sides of the buildings, small window boxes are installed, which have flower boxes and small shrubs, and at the same time, they provide sunlight to parts of the apartment that do not have natural light, And due to the presence of shrubs, more favorable air flows inside. In the site of the buildings throughout Zone 2, a path has been designed as a health road, so that in addition to connecting all parts to one another, it can provide conditions for walking and exercising, or cycling and scooter riding. Also, in parts of this route, tunnels covered with vegetation have been installed to create a suitable and favorable environment for people in hot and sunny weather by creating shade. Parts of this route that ends in car streets are connected by bridges to provide safe and favorable conditions for the people who use it in addition to the integrity of the route.

Technical information

In these buildings the staircase is located on the outside of the building, in the center of which there is also a glass elevator, this staircase has a wooden shell, which in addition to providing enough shade in the box of the stairs, at the same time has a view of the site, and Also, air can flow well throughout it. And the main materials of the buildings are: stone, wood, glass. And also the form of the structure creates the opportunity to use prefabricated structures for the construction of these buildings.


ZONE 2, three storey apartment buildings, (ground floor + 2 levels)

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