Urban Design and Landscape

Marina and surrounding area - Landscape Architecture

Bianka Bognár
University of Sopron

Project idea

My design location was made possible by a tender, in a village in Zadar County, Croatia, along a bay of the Adriatic Sea. The tender work includes the creation of a cove and a harbour, the training of small shopping facilities such as ice-cream, pastries and fresh local fruit. In addition, recreational activities would be provided by the creation of various outdoor structures, rest areas, BBQ grills and barbecue facilities. The terrain has contributed to a favourable terraced layout, ideal for outdoor theatre, operetta, concerts, etc., with the bay and the sea as a splendid backdrop. As a local attraction, I have designed a viewing platform unit, which plays a central role and is a spectacle in itself.

Project description

This project consists of the following parts. The main focus was on the flat parts of the harbour, so I have managed to shape it in a way that minimally changes the area. The presence of green vegetation was important, as it would provide shade for the guests. The buildings are curiosities in themselves, but from a distance they blend in with the surroundings. The coastal promenade takes us through the area, along the way we see a building, a shop, a lookout, a café, a public toilet, a public playground, benches for bbq grilling and many resting areas.

Technical information

The buildings are mostly made of local materials, stone, basalt, in addition to prefabricated elements. The hexagonal buildings are not designed to accommodate guests, but outside you can sit on the benches and enjoy a meal or relax. The shops have a service area, staff changing rooms, toilets and storage. The lookouts can be accessed by stairs, and for those arriving from the hill, the surroundings provide access to the buildings. In the area beyond the harbour, the terraced design allows for open-air theatres, performances, operettas, markets, creating a great community experience. The harbour can accommodate a number of smaller boats, dinghies and jet-skis.


ZONE 6, marina


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